Waterproof Car Seat Cover for pets


The waterproof rear-seat cover keeps pet stains, spills, dander, dirt, and odors off the back car seats of your vehicle. It is also can serve as a hammock, bench seat cover, beach cover for your pet.  This pet car pad is foldable. Car Seat Cover with zipper. Use the seat anchor to fix the pet seat cover. Leave two openings for the seat belt buckles.

The bottom made of non-slip material will keep the car pad in a fixed position.  Made from high quality material, easy to clean: Just wipe with a rag. Our car pad is perfectly waterproof, fitted with two layers of waterproof material to give maximal protection.

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Item Type: Car Seat Cover for pet

Quantity: 1pc

Material: Cloth

Color: black

Item Size: 137*200.5cm/4.5*6.6ft

Net Weight: 1405g/49.6oz


Package included:

1* Car Seat Cover



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