Mark Ryden Packet

Our new Mark Ryden Packet is similar to our Nexus model, if you put it on a diet. Still big and burly with enough space to carry around half of your home office, but slightly slimmer and geared more towards daily use around campus or for people who tend to travel a lot every day.

Packet is large enough to easily hold your laptop, iPad, smart phone, gaming device, wallet, a book, sunglasses, water bottle and a change of clothes for the gym, but only has a single folder making it easy to keep yourself organized.

It also has a usb charging port, anti-theft pocket, YKK zippers and is water repellent, in case you get caught in a summer rain shower.

Cool bag, looks great, super light for its size.

Yup, we dig it.


Item Type: Mark Ryden USB Charging Smart Laptop Backpack
Backpack Type: Softback with Anti Theft Pocket
Lining Material: Polyester
Main Material: Oxford Water Repellent
Strap Type: Adjustable Straps
Capacity: 15L
Features: USB Charging
Fits: 15.6″ Laptop & 9.7″ iPad
Weight: 1.45lbs
Size: H16.9″ x W11″ x T4.3″


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